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Playful, colourful and totally hands-on, The Art Studio’s Creative Kids art classes make learning painting and drawing techniques fun.

These classes are designed to help kids develop creative thought, inspire imagination, encourage self expression and foster artistic potential. Throughout the term, we discover the world of art through a variety of themes and art materials. 

  • Suitable for children from 5 years old to 9 years old 

What kids will learn
  • Drawing lessons step by step – sketching & shading 

  • Painting with Acrylic on canvas - blending and mixing colours and how to use the paint brush 

  • Fun Comics drawing - developing creative imagination 

  • Sculpting with clay - fun and tectile class 

Creative kids Art Classes


We accept the CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER – please email us your child’s full name, DOB and voucher number. (No need to send the actual voucher - if using voucher do not book online )


WE ARE COVID SAFE  - We are registered as a covid safe business and follow the updates on all regulations in NSW. Each child will have their own easel and art materials.  All our tools and facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected to keep our students health and safety. 

For any more details please send us an email:,
otherwise, just click on book now to complete your booking.
We look forward to see you at The Art Studio!
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