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"The World is but a canvas for our imagination"
Henry David Thoreau

You are invited to start your creative journey with us! Explore drawing and painting with a wide range of materials and techniques: acrylic, watercolour, wet and dry drawing materials including pencils, ink, pastels, charcoal and mixed media. You will immerse yourself in the experience of making art, with simple attention to perceptual information like colour, line and shape, learning begins to unfold naturally and with joy. Explore composition, rhythm, mark-making and much more. The atmosphere at The Art Studio allows you to unwind and wander away from your everyday life and delve into your own creative self. We offer one of the most inspiring studio spaces in Sydney, right on the water edge, overlooking Maroubra beach.


Time table weekly Art Classes

Tuesday 7pm to 9pm  - Drawing & Painting / with Jane Osypenko 

Thursday 10:30 am to 12:30 - Watercolours  & Drawing / with Sonya Jackson

Thursday 7pm to 9pm - Acrylic painting & Drawing / with Rachel Fairfax

Friday 10:30 am to 12:30 pm - Acrylic painting / with Rachel Fairfax


Are these classes suitable for you?

These classes are designed for learning the fundamentals of painting and drawing, suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level for students who wish to expand their knowledge.


What to expect

* Small groups of up to 12 participants

* Learn a wide range of drawing and painting techniques

* Learning fine art fundamentals: colour mixing, tone, brushwork, composition, texture, paint application and more

* Relax, have fun and feel inspired while you joyfully express yourself through art * Inviting and inspiring beachside studio at Maroubra beach Getting into the Art Zone…


What is included?

All materials are provided for your ultimate creative experience.  Acrylic paint, watercolours, brushes, drawing materials and studio tools. You don't have to buy expensive art materials to get stated!

* Please note - canvases are not included in class fees. You can bring your own or purchase one at the studio.

Small - 30X40 cm - $7 

Medium - 40X50 cm - $10 

Large - 50x60 cm - $15 


How can I join? 

Purchase your Art Class Pass and book your first class to get started whenever you are ready. You can purchase the class pass that suits you most:  6 class pass $330 Or 10 class pass $495 You can use the class pass for up to 3 months (12 weeks) We also offer an introduction class if you'd like to check it out first. ust go to class pass & membership in the main drop down menu. 

Artist Painting in Studio


Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














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